Advantage D&C - Clubs

Advantage Durham & Cleveland is an initiative sponsored by Durham & Cleveland LTA to provide financial support to LTA-registered venues across the County. Our mission is to grow tennis across Durham & Cleveland by making it relevant, accessible, welcoming and enjoyable. Our objective is to increase the participation of adults and children at all levels of tennis and this can only be achieved by working in partnership with all our venues.

We have many successful and growing Clubs in the County, supported by hard-working and dedicated volunteers with a passion for our sport. Advantage Durham & Cleveland aims to help these Clubs and volunteers by providing access to small grants and loans as well as the shared experience of our clubs, coaches, County officers and LTA colleagues.

Small Loans Scheme

Advantage Durham & Cleveland has created a small fund to provide financial support to venues in the form of interest-free loans. Venues are invited to register their interest by completing the Advantage D&C Small Loan Application Form.

The key features of the scheme are:

  • The maximum loan is £4,000
  • Loans are interest free, repayable over 5 years
  • Repayments must be made annually in 5 equal instalments (i.e. 20% each year), with the first repayment being due on March 31st of the year following the approval of the loan

The main criteria for approving a loan are:

  • The financial viability of what is being supported with the loan money
  • The ability of the Club to meet the payback terms
  • The impact on encouraging more people to play tennis more often

Small Loans Scheme – Criteria

Advantage Durham & Cleveland is making £12,000 available annually in interest-free loan funding. The funding is for clubs to spend on a specific project that they believe will make a difference at their club – it could be something that everyone wants but a shortage of funds due to other, more pressing, priorities means that it never seems to get done.

The maximum available to any one club is £4,000 and this must be no more than 80% of the total project cost. On completion of the Application Form, the D&C Club Liaison Officer will liaise with the Club to assess the application, and subsequently monitor the project to confirm that the work has been undertaken and expected outcomes achieved.

Applications may only be made by current LTA-registered Clubs, and the club must undertake to register for at least the following 4 years. A club can only have one loan in place at any one time. The Club must be willing for D&C County LTA to publicise the award on the D&C County LTA website, at AGM’s and in general local and national publicity.

Here are a few examples that have been suggested as meeting the criteria:

  • Re-painting the courts/lines, new nets etc
  • New signage to promote the Club
  • Advertising
  • Accessibility aids for visitors with visual or other impairments
  • Clubhouse redecoration, small renovations in the clubhouse
  • Improving toilet, changing or shower facilities
  • Painting outside or gutter repairs
  • Building or fencing repairs
  • Improving court surfaces
  • Initiatives to increase participation
  • Supporting Gate Access installation costs

But what would make a difference at your club?  Only you know!

Small Loans Scheme – Process

  1. A senior member of your Club Committee (Chairman, Treasurer, etc) should contact D&C LTA (Alan Jones, Club Liaison Officer at to discuss your proposal.
  2. Representatives of Advantage Durham & Cleveland will explain and discuss the Advantage D&C initiative to assist your application. We are keen to work more closely with our Clubs and would like to meet as many people as possible!
  3. You complete an Advantage D&C Small Loan application form Advantage D&C Small Loan Application Form.
  4. Your application will be assessed and, if needed, you will be asked to make adjustments.
  5. The application is put to the D&C LTA County Executive Committee for approval and you will be informed immediately of the outcome. We would hope the whole process can be completed within 4 – 6 weeks.
  6. Once approved, the D&C LTA Treasurer will arrange payment of the loan as soon as it is required by the Club for the project.
  7. Within 6 months of the project completion the Club will provide the Club Liaison Officer with a completed Advantage D&C Small Loan Completion Form, with an assessment of outcomes achieved compared with original objectives, actual costs compared with budget and other relevant data.