Advantage Durham & Cleveland - Coach Support

Coach and Official Support Scheme

The LTA is preparing to introduce a new structure of coaching qualifications and training in 2021, and full details will found here as soon as they are available. Until then, the following gives an indication of the time and cost involved in earning preliminary qualifications and how the County may be able to support you as you start your journey.

The LTA has structured pathways in place for developing coaches and for training officials to assist at tournaments. The coaching programme covers every stage from a Level 1 Coaching Assistant to developing players at an elite standard with the Level 5 Master Club Coach qualification. The Officials training scheme begins with Competition Organiser and then Tennis Referee.

Advantage Durham & Cleveland recognizes the importance of encouraging players and parents to take up coaching and/or provide support at tournaments around the county, and seeks to support them as they start that journey. The expense of the training courses can be a barrier for people who would otherwise be keen to get more involved, and we want to remove that barrier. The Coach and Official Support Scheme will financially assist Clubs and venues which share that outlook and are willing to financially support their members to qualify as coaches at Assistant (L1) and Instructor (L2), or as Referees.

Qualification Typical Course Days Time to Qualify Indicative Cost
Assistant (L1) Coach 3 6 wks £200 – 250
Instructor (L2) Coach 5 2 – 3 mths £400 – 450
Competition Organiser 1 1 day £20 – 30
Tennis Referee 2 6 wks £70 – 80

Coach and Official Support Scheme - Criteria

  • The County is setting aside a maximum of £1,000 to be available for coach and official support in any one year
  • Clubs must apply to and receive approval from Advantage Durham & Cleveland for a grant before an applicant signs up for a course. The grant will be 50% of the cost of the coaching course, or 100% of the cost of the officials course.
  • The Club will fully fund the course, and have a signed, written agreement with the individual committing them to provide ‘payment in kind’ recompense to the Club in the form of an agreed minimum number of hours of on-court coaching support within 6 months of completing the coaching qualification (using max. £10/hour as a benchmark for the calculation), or a commitment to officiate at no fewer than two tournaments in the year.

Coach and Official Support Scheme – Process

  1. A member of your Club Committee (Chairman, Treasurer, etc) should contact D&C LTA (Tony Pensom, Club Liaison Officer at or 07973 553507) to discuss your proposal or arrange a visit if required. 
  2. You complete an application form 
  3. Advantage Durham & Cleveland will assess the application and, subject to it meeting the criteria and there being funds available in the period, will confirm approval
  4. Advantage Durham & Cleveland will repay to the Club 50% of the cost of the course on written confirmation from the Club that the course has been completed, certificate received and coach accreditation or Officials License with the LTA completed