Deaf Tennis

Deaf Tennis has a long history in British tennis and playing the sport requires no adaption apart from making sure communication is clear between players, coaches and officials. People can play other deaf tennis players and alongside non-disabled friends and family.

The highlight in Durham & Cleveland is the North East Annual Harry Thomas Memorial Tournament for the Hearing Impaired. Now in its 30th year this event attracts over 100 hearing impaired children aged 16 & under from many schools across the North East and as far afield as Leeds, Bradford and Huddersfield.

Reports from the Tournaments held in 2020, 2019 and 2018 demonstrate both how successful and popular these events are, and Durham & Cleveland LTA is proud to be at the heart of them.   Thankfully we have been able to relaunch the event following the hiatus of Covid and the 2023 Tournament was again a tremendous success, enjoyed by all under the stewardship of our President, John Schofield. Invitations to take part in the 2024 event will be issued shortly.

Whether as a player or organiser, if you would like to get involved please contact either:

the County Office at

or Matt Elkington, Disability Development Partner on 07961 267607   (

Further information can be found at LTA Disability Tennis