LTA Coach Development Plan 2021-23

LTA Coach Development Plan 2021-2023

Supporting coaches and the coaching industry to attract, develop and retain more people in the game.

Coaches are at the very heart of tennis in Britain. They are often responsible for the very first experience people have when they step on court, and play a vital role in growing our sport and developing players that compete on the world stage.

However, if we are to see inspirational coaches helping to get more people choosing and staying in tennis right across the country, we need to do more to support current and future coaches to be the best coach that they can be.

Through this strategy, we are implementing what is the biggest ever transformation of coach education and development across three key areas:

  • Qualifications
  • Continuous Professional Development
  • Ongoing Coach Support

This strategy was developed through listening and speaking to 1200+ coaches of all levels, the employers and deployers of coaches, a range of venues, coach educators, and key bodies including UK Coaching, CIMSPA and Sport England.

Read the full plan here.


Accessible Resources

The LTA Coach Development Plan has been created as an accessible PDF. However, a plain text version of the document is also available below. In addition, closed captions are provided on the video, but should you wish to view a version of the video with fixed subtitles you can do so via the link below.