LTA Youth

The LTA has launched an exciting new programme bringing together all aspects of successful tennis coaching for children. Building on the success of Tennis for Kids, LTA Youth is a fresh, modern and comprehensive coaching programme for children aged 4 – 18 years. Coaches will be able to access a suite of videos and session plans for all stages of player development with world class content.

LTA Youth will help make tennis more relevant, accessible, welcoming and enjoyable for more children. We know that the younger a child picks up a tennis racket, the more likely they are to continue to play throughout their lives. Sessions need to be fun, dynamic and provide children with a sense of progression.

There are many qualities to LTA Youth including a ‘player centred approach’ and ‘skill based development’. All content is underpinned by a comprehensive competency framework and guiding principles. By using a game based play with appropriate challenges and regular competition, LTA Youth will help retain more players as they progress through the stages.