SERVES takes tennis into the heart disadvantaged communities, providing activities to many people including those who wouldn’t normally have the chance to play. We know that tennis isn’t just a sport; it can be a powerful force in people’s lives that can help them grow and flourish.

Whatever wider potential someone has inside them, tennis can help to bring it out.

SERVES was developed to positively impact young people’s (8-18 years) lives, through an innovative on-court social change programme it can deliver lasting social change.

Engaging young people in SERVES will build their self-confidence and resilience and help them develop skills both on and off the court. SERVES helps communities to lead active and healthy lives.

Durham & Cleveland LTA works with the LTA and a range of national partners, including Sporting Equals, to take tennis out of its traditional areas and right to the heart of disadvantaged communities – specifically, into those facilities that younger people in those communities already access: youth clubs, community centres, church halls, mosques and temples. 

We were particularly proud to have supported the A690 charity which delivered such a successful and transformative SERVES programme in disadvantaged areas of County Durham that the charity won the LTA National Award for Community Tennis in 2018.

We believe that tennis can be a tool to engage disadvantaged communities in a deep and sustainable way. The game brings communities together and gives individuals a tremendous sense of achievement – particularly for those who thought tennis was not for them.

SERVES Festivals are designed to bring young people together from different SERVES organisations and from communities where young people are playing tennis locally. The events will include fun tennis activities and games and a tennis competition. Young people will leave with a free t-shirt, participation medal and hopefully having had a fun tennis filled day. All SERVES organisations are welcome and we look forward to seeing you there!