Who We Are

Durham & Cleveland LTA is governed by its Executive Committee, which meets 4 – 6 times per year to review progress on our objectives and agree strategy and actions to further progress on our objectives. The President and Chair sit for 3 year terms, Treasurer and Secretary for 2 year terms and all other members are elected annually. The current Executive Committee is:

President & Performance Lead John Schofield  
Chair Tony Pensom  
Secretary Pat Ross  
Treasurer Viv Wilson  
LTA Councillor Viv Wilson  
Performance Coach Matt Jackman  
Safeguarding Officer Gill Reeves welfare@dclta.org
Workforce Lead Anne Clayton workforce@dclta.org
Inclusion Coordinator Frankie Rohan  
Competition Lead Steven Sumner  
Club Liaison & Participation Lead Alan Jones club@dclta.org
Administrator Sarah Lowes admin@dclta.org

The County AGM is held in March, when elections to the Executive Committee take place. In addition to the work of the Executive Committee, sub-committees may be formed and volunteers co-opted to work on specific tasks to help achieve our goals. We welcome new applications from anyone actively involved in tennis in our area to join our Committee and support us in our work.

The President’s report to the most recent AGM, giving a comprehensive review of tennis in our area, can be seen here.